Quills 5 African Porcupine Quills 9"-11"

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  • YOU WILL RECEIVE – (5) Porcupine Quills, approximately 9”-11" in length
  • NATURAL - These are REAL specimens, so quills will vary in pattern and thickness as shown
  • PERFECT FOR ARTS & CRAFTS - Can be used in all types of crafts, as hair accessories, writing implements, or in quillwork
  • ORIGINAL GIFT IDEA – A unique gift to give to your family and friends
  • SHARPNESS - Can be extremely sharp, keep away from children

Porcupines have large black and white spines on their back which protects them from predators and these quills fall out easily and are found naturally in the wild. Porcupine quills are modified hair that has a thick coat and of keratin that is the same as the human nail. You will receive quills similar to the ones pictured. Please keep in mind that the tips are still very sharp and should be handled with care. 

Why Purchase Nautical Crush Trading:

  • All shipments are carefully and professionally packed to arrive in the best possible condition

These Quills can be used in many different ways including...

  • jewelry making
  • hair sticks with thicker quills
  • can be folded, twisted, wrapped, plaited and sewn using a wide range of techniques to decorate articles of clothing, bags, knife sheaths, baskets, wooden handles and pipe stem

NAUTICAL CRUSH TRADING is a small business dedicated to its customers. If your purchase isn't completely satisfactory, we will exchange or return it at any time.